Biovotec team is convinced that the better idea comes from nature

In the 1970s, Doctors used the human placenta for its wound healing properties. Inspired by this discovery, Biovotec scientists have been looking for biomaterial similar to placenta and have focused their research on eggshell membrane. It is readily available and biologically safe.

Thanks to this discovery, Biovotec has developed a new natural biomaterial PEP®. It is derived from the eggshell membrane, the thin matrix which lines the inside of avian eggs. It consists of a network of protein fibres. Structurally and functionally, the PEP® shares many characteristics with the Extracellular Matrix (ECM), the secreted product of cells in tissues and organs across the body.

The ECM contains biochemical modalities that regulate cell phenotype and functionality, often in response to injury. ECM creates an extracellular environment that stimulates cell attachment and proliferation.

Biovotec has established an innovative technology, the eggshell membrane harvesting process line located at Nortura Revetal in Norway. This is exclusive access to a novel technology that for the first time allows the in-line harvesting of the eggshell membrane with industrial egg producers.

Biovotec pays particular attention to the quality of the products. The company offers a new eco-responsible manufacturing process for PEP®, patented and deployed on an industrial scale with an ISO 13485 certified production site. The unique supply chain is tapping into an existing value chain of eggshell membrane products for skin applications.

Several patents for eggshell harvesting, purification and formulation have been filed and approved in Europe, Japan, USA.

Biovotec innovations have been acknowledged by the scientific community and have received grants and awards such as EuroStars, Horison2020, Eureka, Fast Track for innovation…

With a desire to advance research, the scalable nature of the PEP® technology platform opens up many applications such as advanced wound care and other promising skin applications.



  • Venous leg ulcers
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Human and veterinary market


  • Preventive approach
  • Wounds that need to heal fast


  • Nutraceuticals (anti-inflammatory)
  • Tissue repair: Bioprint, scaffolds
  • Cosmetics (Acne, etc.)

The first product Biovotec has developed is a novel medical device, DermaRep® based on PEP® technology. This new biomaterial enhances the early phase of wound healing. For optimization in a wound dressing, PEP® has been incorporated into a dissolvable, cellulose-based film. Biovotec has optimized the ratio of cellulose, glycerol and PEP® to provide the highest level of performance. This new Class III Medical Device, DermaRep®, is the first biological matrix based on PEP® technology on the market. The product is expected to be used for all wounds where there is a need for accelerated growth or rapid healing, such as venous leg ulcers.

Biovotec’s team believes that our DermaRep® device, with PEP® technology, can bring affordable, advanced wound care to everyone who needs it.