Dermarep®, the first biological matrix based on PEP® technology on the market

Biovotec’s current focus is on the advanced wound care market. Three patent applications have been filed in the field of wound care by using an innovative biomaterial.

The CE marking is ongoing. The device packaging is under development and may differ from the final version.

Biovotec has developed a novel medical device, DermaRep®, that incorporates Purified Eggshell Membrane Protein, or PEP®.

This new biomaterial is being developed to enhance the early phase of wound healing. PEP® is derived from eggshell membrane, the thin matrix which lines the inside of avian eggs.

It consists of a network of protein fibres. Structurally and functionally, the PEP® shares many characteristics with the Extracellular Matrix.

For optimization in a wound dressing, PEP® has been incorporated into a dissolvable, cellulose-based film. Biovotec has optimized the ratio of cellulose, glycerol and PEP® to provide the highest level of performance. This new Class III Medical Device, DermaRep®, is the first biological matrix based on PEP® technology on the market.

DermaRep® is a thin, translucent film that hydrates to form a gel in contact with the wound. When applied, it is comfortable, conforming to the wound surface. DermaRep® does not need to be removed like other wound contact dressings and therefore does not induce pain on removal.

DermaRep® is intended for use in conjunction with all other routine care, to optimize the conditions of the wound bed, manage exudate levels and so support healing. It is an adjunctive treatment that is used together with the clinician’s choice of appropriate secondary dressing. This wound care dressing is expected to be used to initiate wound healing in stalled wounds.

Biovotec has built up a full-scale production supply line for this wound care product.

Biovotec’s clinical team has performed pre-clinical and clinical studies in recognized UK hospitals to assess the safety and effectiveness of DermaRep® to obtain a CE mark. The first targeted indication is venous leg ulcers.

DermaRep’s® innovative mechanism of action and cost-effectiveness will enable it to take a substantial share of the total wound healing market in general. We believe that our DermaRep® medical device, with PEP® technology, can bring affordable, advanced wound care to everyone who needs it.

The scalable nature of the PEP® technology platform and the fact that the company already has an industrial-scale production of PEP® established opens up other applications beyond wound healing. Eggshell membrane for skin applications is a natural and promising opportunity for new product development.